So you’ve arrived. Ready for something. But you don’t know what that would be. What are you waiting for? Are you coming in? Are you already in? The door was always open…

We are Malice and we create curious immersive events mixing music, performance & technology where everyone is a character in an ever-unfolding story with a soundtrack. We believe that visceral experiences in imagined worlds reward our curiosity & give us the stories worth telling.

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind. And curiosity lies in wait for every secret.”
Videos from our last event - 1984 vs 1984:

One of the top 10 alternative things you can do right now.


This is pretty much the only thing to do this Halloween.

Time Out

A wonderclap of a night.

Thomas M, via DesignMyNight

As good as nights get. Great people, great venue, great music.

Gwilym E, via DesignMyNight

Fantastic event, so well thought out.
The whole night was amazing… DJ’s performers and everyone. Can’t
wait for the next one!

Danielle, via DesignMyNight

What an awesome night, great performers, pretty effin’ unforgettable.

Billie M. via DesignMyNight
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